Fotos em Amherst – Snow Covered Car

Fotos em Amherst presents Snow Covered Car in Amherst.

Believe it or not sometimes in the state of Massachusetts when the famous snow storms/blizzards. The storms can last more than a day or even several hours; however, when this happens take a look how the car looks. First, I have seen storms worse than this one after 20 years in Amherst. It’s quite a bit for a Brazilian born summer loving guy. Now I am going to describe how to clean the car after the storm hits. Step one with a huge shovel begin to take all the snow around the car otherwise you would even the close to it. Make sure during all the steps that you don’t brake your back in the process. If you are tired make sure you rest before taking on the physical exercies. It’s a great workout by the way. Step two is to make sure to take all the snow from that is on top of the car; otherwise, next morning it will be hard from snow you won’t have a chance, not even opening the door. Trust me it really happens. Many times I thought I would brake my door because it was stuck with ice. You could barely move it. Last but not least, take out any snow that might be left over if you want to get out in the morning on time. The snow is soft at the beginning, but after a few days or even hours the snow can be hard. In reality the snow can take weeks or even months to melt completely and cause tremendous amount of damages. It’s scary to know that there are other places in the world far worse than Amherst. It’s hard to imagine.

Fotos em Amherst  - Carro Coberto de Neve
Fotos em Amherst – Snow Covered Car

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