Fotos em Amherst – Ice Fishing – Puffer’s Pond

Fotos em Amherst presents Ice Fishing story.

I decided to drive to Puffer’s pond in Amherst, MA one winter afternoon mostly to take pictures of wildlife which is what I really love, but instead I was surprised by seen a man all by himself in the middle of pond. I couldn’t believe, what the hell was he doing there ? As I got closer, meaning to the edge of the pond I could see better. I had seen people doing this in Northampton, MA when I drove many times on route 91 heading south towards Holyoke, Springfield. It’s called ice fishing and by the way the people in Northampton take there SUVs, cars and even small enclosures(looks like a small bathroom) in order to keep the cold winter wind away. Lucky for him, the ice was thick very thick which did not scare him at all. I decided to play safe and stay on land for this foto. It was the first time I saw someone ice fishing this close. While taking the picture it made me think if this guy falls who is going to help him out and who would hear him yell ? Scary thought. My guess his bucket was empty before my arrival. Slow day, my guess.

Fotos em Amherst - Puffer's Pond Ice Fishing

Fotos em Amherst – Puffer’s Pond Ice Fishing


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